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The right zinc for boosting the immune system

During these pandemic days, a strong immune system is something that can prevent us from getting sick. One of the much talked about immunity 'boosting' substances is Zinc but you have to choose the right kind for it to work.

During my research, I came across an article by Br. Frank Shallenburger MD who is known for his excellent advice. This is a shortened version of his article.

Out of the several zincs available the only highly effective one is Zinc Acetate. It releases 100% of the zinc in an ionic form that is essential for it to work. Ionic zinc helps your white blood cells to stop 'invaders' (viruses) from spreading in your body and infecting your cells.

On a more obvious note, ionic zinc helps minimise stuffiness, congestion sneezing and a runny nose, In other words, it acts like an anti-histimine.

You need 75 mg a day and researchers found that it is only effective when 'invaders' are exposed to it for at least 20 minutes. Therefore it needs to be taken in a slow dissolving tablet. When you're feeling unwell, you'll probably need to take 5 or 6 throughout the day for a few days until symptons go away.

But most importantly, other forms of zinc don't work apart from Zinc Gluconate but it still isn't anyway as effective as Zinc Acetate. And avoid any combinations of zinc. They result in 'zero' zinc being released in iconic form and therefore don't work.

Finally, when selecting lozenges, check to see of palm kernel or cottonseed oil are added. If they are, don't buy them because they bind the zinc during the manufacturing process and prevent it from being released in the necessary iconic form.

Dr. Shallenburger recommended Advanced Bionutritionals for very good quality Zinc Acetate. It's an American company but should be available here.

Good luck. Stay well!

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