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Some vitamins and supplements are very difficult to absorb through the stomach wall. In fact, some pass straight through the body. Therefore, a method that takes them directly into the bloodstream is a welcome innovation.

The Swedish company, Nutrinovate, has developed the use of a new technology known as Film Technology FFT TM. Essentially, it produces a soluble ‘carrier’ in the form of something that looks like fine rice paper. Cut into small oblong shapes, these ‘films’ are small enough to be placed inside the mouth on the side of each cheek. This area is particularly absorbent, full of tiny blood vessels so the ‘films’ dissolve within a few minutes and whatever they hold is quickly taken into the blood stream.

The first product they launched with this technology is Reserol. It contains the potent anti-oxidant ‘Resveratrol’ that is found in red grapes and blueberries. Resveratrol was the first choice for the ‘films’ as it is known that 99% of it is lost through normal digestion.

Resveratrol is a plant polyphenol that is recognised in the Health and Beauty industry for its wellness-enhancing properties. Internally, it is a strong defence against bacteria and viruses. It can also decrease inflammation and has been known to help those with Diabetes by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. It can also reduce joint pain, increase energy and sharpen your memory!

Reserol noticeably improves the skin’s elasticity, depth of wrinkles, and can reduce age-spots as well as generally smoothing the appearance of the skin. It improves not only the face but other areas of the skin such as the backs of hands.

Reserols thin filmstrips each contain 20mg of Resveratrol. Patented and handcrafted in Sweden, they come in a box of small packets that will last a month.

Nutrinovate has clearly defined its mission to ‘improve global health by offering proven compounds combined with an innovative delivery to the body’. So, watch out! There is more to come using this innovative technology.

Reserol is available from : Cost : approx. £85 for 1 month’s supply

All Reserol products are made in Sweden from the finest ingredients

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