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This is one of those exceptional products. It really makes a difference to how you look.

'The Masque' is made by Beth Gagnon who also makes The Gel that I constantly extol for its healing and beauty properties. Beth knows what she's doing and doesn't mince words … or ingredients.

An image show The Masque cream
'The Masque' is made by Beth Gagnon

'The Masque' is packed with the miracle protein, Collagen along with the minerals, Bentonite and Montmorillonite that together tighten and tone the skin and invigorate circulation as well as reduce puffiness.

The Masque comes in powder form that you mix with warm water to make a paste which you then smooth over your skin including under the eyes. As it dries, the skin seems to tighten and pulsate as your blood brings its nutrients to the area and also oxygenates it.

You leave it on for at least 20 minutes but the longer the better. I've kept it on for a few hours as I work at my computer – but not on Zoom! The thicker the application and the longer time you leave it, the greater the result. If you're in a real rush, you can use the warm air of a hairdryer to hurry along the drying process.

Beth says it works even better if you apply a layer of The Gel under The Masque. Makes sense!

I have to say it's not the most comfortable mask. It becomes crusty as it dries. But the benefits are amazing. You take it off with a clothe and lots of water. The skin feels refreshed and looks lifted. That's the effect of the tightening.

Use it just once a week for a healthier look but twice or even three times a week for a tauter, smoother effect. It can also be dotted onto spots overnight to speed up their disappearance.

It's quite magical.

by Health and Beauty Commentator, Jayne Beaumont –

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